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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Udat2010
The original Udat case has been stripped down to the bare chassis and as you can see only the front was modded originally to fit the 5-in-3 drive bay.
That is an aweful lot of small holes, we will have to sort that out later.
Looking around the parts bin I found a suitable Shuttle 240W PSU.
Most of the parts has arrived.
This is actually a first time occurance, I have never done a pre mod test of the hardware before. It worked perfectly and I got an indication how long it would take to get a 10TB RAID 5 array set up, 40 hours.

Those of you that have seen my previous work might notice that I finally have a proper work bench, no more of this.
This is the reason why this case has to be modded again, the 5.25" bay is overhanging the PCI slot preventing a card to be used while the 3-in-5 bay is in place.
With the rivets drilled out the internal structure could be removed.
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