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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Oenone
The motherboard tray has been cut out. The small tabs at the bottom will attach to some slots in the Carbon Fibre chassis to provide support. 10mm M3 spacers will be used as motherboard stands.
Another shot of the tray, this time from the other and shiny side.
Everything assembled again to verify the layout with the PSU and HDD in place. It was a bit tricky to measure where to cut the slots at the bottom for the tray, ended up with the classic measure once cut twice... luckily no one will ever see the third slot.
Motherboard and PSU is installed after a lot of cutting, drilling and filing. Holes for keyboard/mouse and USB was added after the picture was taken.
Looks like everything will fit after all. The ATI 9700 PRO will soon be added in the empty slot. To mount the motherboard tray to the chassis 50mm spacers were needed, unfortunately the longest ones were 30mm and 20mm ones. It worked out quite well to join them together with short pieces of M3 bolts so all that is needed to get the motherboard out with all the cards is to remove three screws.
To get the DVD-ROM mounted properly was a bit frustrating. It is not easy to measure things inside a closed box to figure out at what hight and depth to mount the DVD when the outer shell was in place. After a _few_ trials and errors I got it done.
With the camera flash on the Carbon Fibre shows it's better side. As you can see the the fan is holding half of the weight of the DVD-ROM.
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