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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Oenone
After investing in a very useful tool, a M3 tap to make threaded holes, it was much easier to assemble pieces of Carbon Fibre. The first part to use it for was a little stand to hold the VFD. The HDD was installed at the same time.
I don't know if you noticed in the picture on the last page that the hole for the fan wasn't cut... well now it is. The screws will be replaced soon with a version with a more suitable size and colour.
A dark blue filter (gel sheet) was mounted with double sided tape behind the hole to give the VFD a matching colour to the CCFLs. In this picture, the VFD is simply connected to another computer for testing.
The ATI 9700 PRO arrived and was promptly modded. The original HSF was replaced with an Akasa AK 350 1U copper HSF. It was easy to mount after two holes were drilled and threaded with M3 threads. To make it mate nicely with the core, the material touching the shim was removed from the bottom of the heat sink with a Dremel.
Got wires? The four 4" CCFLs have been installed, 2 on each side facing the air intakes on the O2 shell. You can see the inverters for the lights on the other side to the left of the HDD. The two lights next to the VFD were installed using some more brackets made out of Carbon Fibre.
Wire shortening in progress, three of the motherboard wires done, only 18 left to do.
All wires have been shortened and covered with spiral wrap. Clear small radius spiral wrap is my favorite since I made Anemone because it gets the job done, looks clean and don't waste any space. I even use it to replace the rubber around rounded IDE cables to reduce the size of them.
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