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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Y2k-bug
The AquaComputer waterblocks has arrived. The build quality of the P4, ATI and north bridge blocks are second to none. The reservoir is cut from one big acrylic block and quite heavy for it's size.
With everything else watercooled it would be bad to have a noisy fan in the PSU so this is the solution... A watercooled 250W PSU made by AquaComputer as well.
The big white connector is a normal (european) mains outlet connected via a relay to the mains power in the PSU. The purpose as you can guess is to have a pump connected to it.
The stainless steel bracket is used for installing the PSU in the hole of a normal ATX supply.
So what is the first thing to do with a $350 PSU if not rip it apart... After all since I use a 12V pump the clever but not very beautiful pass through have to go.
An ATI 9800 Pro and a Panasonic 8122 slot load DVD/CD-RW slim line drive arrived as well so with all parts around it was time for a first test run of the system.

Everything worked fine except the two modded hard drives. They had died completely and would only be recognized randomly by BIOS and the arms just moving back and forward trying to find the start track... I got the system up and running fine using an old 10GB HDD. I have a theory why the drives worked at first right after the mod but not later on. After some surfing around I learned that no modern drive with 40GB platters had been windowed successfully. The high density with the combination of a removed screw from the centre of the platters was probably enough to get them un centered enough to make the head loose it's track after a very short usage...

I guess I will have the worlds most expensive HDD activity lights now as the drives will still be installed in the bug and used as eyes.
With the remaining hardware proved working all HSF:s were removed and the waterblocks installed. I must admit that red and copper is a really nice colour combination.
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