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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Y2k-bug
The legs themselves are made out of 20mm conduit tube filled with epoxy for strength. To make them hold the shape while the epoxy cured thin steel wire was used. To make a plug in one end I simply pressed down the tube into some small candles that had been burning for a while and got liquefied. Did actually work quite well when done properly.
Three more legs waiting to have the epoxy set.
Here is a test layout to see how the bends turned out on the legs. The "eyes" only act like weights to hold the legs in place. The conduit tube filled with epoxy won't flex much at all and should be able to hold the weight of the bug quite well.
The legs have been screwed in place with three M4 screws each. The legs are not cut to their final length yet, hence the very aggressive look...
With a bit of imagination you can pretend it do look like a bug, a bit squarish but still a bug.
When the food grow legs it is a good time to replace it... but the tea and coffee here is only used as weights to hold the legs in level so the feet can be added. It is as simple as it looks, just a barrier around each leg made out of uncured plumber silicone since I didn't have patience to wait 24h for it to cure. The forms created were filled with epoxy.
An hour later the feet were de moulded and this is the result. All blue wires are connections to LEDs that were installed in the legs and permanently encased in the feet epoxy.
42000MCD of love.
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