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Project Y2k-bug
Thanks to Sapphire and the continued evolution of video graphics I got the opportunity to yet again make the Y2k-Bug fully watercooled.
The old ATI 9800XT did prevent any easy watercooling since it needed active cooling of the DDR2 RAM. However the content of this box, a brand new Sapphire X800Pro, using cool running GDDR3 RAM will make watercooling a breeze.
When opening up the box this is what we find, a blue card with an alien staring at you. That violet Molex connector is a great improvement over the previous ATI cards, for once you don't have to worry about ripping the connector off the board when you try unplugging the power.
Well this is about modding so how do we get this thing apart?

The two small screws in the metal bar and the screw to the bottom right is all. Just watch out with the screws in the bar, it is spring loaded and to find the screws on a carpet is not easy, trust me...
Five minutes later the heatsink is off and the AquaComputer waterblock used for the original 9800Pro is installed. Thank you ATI for keeping the same hole layout between generations, makes it so much easier to add aftermarket cooling solutions.
I noticed a nice feature when moving the tubes, for some reason the system was under pressurized so when I disconnected the old bypass tube from CPU to northbridge the tube section got sucked dry. So with the system still full not a single drop of water went out. The VGA block was connected and the computer was started. While running the water was topped up in the reservoir. Was a bit surprised it went _that_ easy.
The green arches are back in action at last.
Ok, so the colour theme is dented now with motherboard and RAM in red, but seen in this angle you see it do match the blue waterblock on the PSU nicely.
Congratulations, you have reached the end of this worklog. I hope you have enjoyed the ride, at least I have. See you again in a future project.
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