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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Y2k-bug
Techno-organic material - It is the result when computer hardware is consumed by a living free roaming entity. Sort of like a cyborg, just the plain opposite Every part on the bug not coated by metal will have this stuff so it is time to do a little test piece as proof of concept.
First some more investments in supplies, I wonder if it will ever end... What you see in the picture is from the left: 2-component polymer coating resin, body filler for cars, matt black paint plus primer. On the front row we have 10 brushes for epoxy that might come in handy and two more sail boat servos, this time not the winch type shown in an earlier image. I plan to use these two for the wings.
I forgot to take a picture of the hacked up PC parts before they ended up in a thick layer of body filler and got some Milliput placed on top. The hardware sacrificed for this test is a classic Celeron 300a and a Creative DXR3 mpeg-2 board.
My modelling skills aren't too good so the Dremel was useful yet again. After an hour carving using an end mill bit a pattern start to emerge on the "veins" made out of Milliput.
After some relaxing the carving continued but this time with a different bit in the Dremel and it worked much better then the first one as you can see the Milliput didn't turn dusty white.
I do admit I don't normally paint my cases but now it wasn't much of an option to argue. A layer of primer added, for once I won't sand a single time between the layers...
And to get a little more suitable look, matt black was choosed as primary colour. Plenty of small holes everywhere to aim the can at. In the end I had managed to cover it all.
Since it after all is a new mod I can't resist trying out some new techniques such as drybrushing. Drybrushing is simply trying to paint something with an almost dry brush, kind of obvious by the name. So what I did was to take very little paint on a brush (easiest by brushing it against a paper first to get rid of most paint) and then try to "scrape" off the remaining paint in the brush on anything extending from the surface. If done right all contours should have the new colour while the "valleys" should remain almost untouched. As a n00b I'm fairly happy with my first attempt.
I just added this picture to show the thickness of the piece. On the final parts of the case I will skip the body filler and only use Milliput as a filler. The 12 min set time made it useless for this application.
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