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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Y2k-bug
A thick layer of resin has been added to give the legs and the lower baseplate it's final wet look.
The transparent part of the feet were initially intended to be foggy but the treatment with 80 grit sandpaper was no match for the resin to convert back to nice and clear again. But on a second thought I can't really complain about the result anyway...
With this picture I can happily announce that all six legs are done together with the lower baseplate.
The sides are made out of 3mm balsa, this time not covered by carbon fibre since they won't handle any major load. Some old circuit boards were hacked up and glued in place.
To make sure that not more areas then needed got assimilated by the techno-organic material aluminium foil is used for protection.
It's like Neo in The Matrix: "Need guns, lots of guns" except Milliput...
Armed with enough Milliput for once it was fun to feel the creativity flow in the veins. After a lot of kneading and shaping one more layer of material towards the techno-organic had been added.
For a slightly more evil look I decided to have the veins go across the eyes as well and with nothing actually moving on the inside it was quite suitable to decrease the visibility anyway.
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