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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Y2k-bug
With most of the internals done it was time to measure everything yet again to create the mould for the top shell. Normal 1" insulation foam was glued together with silicone to get the proper thickness. When this shape was reached I felt like Santa Clause with white foam dust absolutely everywhere.
To make the mould a lot smoother a couple of layers of news paper was glued in place using wallpaper adhesive, a technique known as papier marche.
When the paper layer was dry an even smoother layer of plastic was added in the form as normal brown tape and to make it epoxy friendly a thick layer of aerosol wax was added.
So with fancy materials such as Carbon Fibre used for some parts I plan to use something even more exotic for the shell. Let me present the latest space age material to be used in case modding - old promotion T-shirts.
The main reason to use T-shirts over Carbon Fibre is simply because it can be stretched nicely to get a nice even surface.
WestSystem Epoxy was added as normal making the two layers of T-shirts semitransparent.
The shell was de moulded without problems, mainly because the shell was removed from the mould after just one hour while it still was soft like rubber. After it was removed it was put back on the mould to not get deformed before the epoxy was 100% set. The shell has an average thickness of 2mm so no wonder it needed a lot of epoxy to get wet all the way through. This is how the shell looked like after all bits not covered by epoxy was cut away with a scissor.
To get a clean cut in the "t-shirt laminate" the old trusty hand nibbler was used.
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